Club Talks

The club support officer, Andy Symons,  is available to visit your club to talk about all things BMFA. These talks can be either evenings or weekends to suit you and your club members, alternatively Andy is more than happy to host a virtual online club talk for your members using zoom.

Andy is happy to either talk about all things BMFA or any specific topics that you wish to discuss. Club talks are also available to non BMFA affiliated clubs so you can hear about the work of the BMFA and learn about the many benefits of affiliating to the BMFA.

A format that has proved very popular with clubs is Andy's 'BMFA Unplugged' talk. Andy gives an introduction talking about his role and how he became the BMFA Club Support officer, with the odd amusing anecdote thrown in (hopefully) then, in a reversal from the norm, moving straight to questions from your members. This means he talks about what your members want to discuss rather than what we want to tell you. Beware though, if your members are lively and engaging a few hours can pass without your realising.

To request a club talk please complete the form below and Andy will get back to you very quickly.